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Protected: A Karmic Memory

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.


“Fresh Eyes”

The Effect of Changing Environments on my Art I have made 3 or 4 significant changes in my studio locations the past two years (5 weeks or more). I’ve worked in southern New Jersey part of the year and southern Florida the other. This experience has made me a better artist, because making art is
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An “A-ha!” Experience

I was over a good artist friend’s home last night, when i had one of those A-ha! experiences.  I was looking at a wonderfully painted realistic scene of a Colorado ski trail in the winter at dusk.  The light was magical, presenting the most subtle pink glow upon the scene.  I could almost feel the cold and
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Pushing Through

In my last post, I spoke about the frustration of  getting stuck in a “cul-de-sac”.  It’s when an artist is unable to leave a particular series he (or she) is working on.  Repeating oneself creates tedious boredom, the curse of an artist.  If I’m not engaged in my art,  I don’t want to do it.


An Artist’s Challenge

I can feel myself hitting a wall with my new series of work.  Since discovering my “Jumpsquares” in 2007, the last 2 years have been fruitful in producing original, creative work.  Fresh, new ideas have come easily. The most recent offshoot of the “jumpsquare” has been my Optic Diamonds, which, in themselves, have led to
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Who’s the Artist

I have a friend named Yanosh, who has worked in industry for the last 25 years.  For years and years he visited museums and has seen more valid, contemporary art than most of us.  Yanosh recently started painting.  He creates work through the manipulation of  paint on the canvas with a palette knife while experimenting
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Sometimes the artist will feel like a miner when he’s working.   There is a  unknown material lying before him with gold waiting to be discovered.  If he “mines” this unknown, hidden area long enough, eventually he’ll discover layers of gold he never dreamed of.  One vein  leads to another, to another, and eventually a
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Concerning the Creative Process

Have you noticed that at certain times, you have extreme difficulty starting something new?  It happens to every artist, including me.  This condition brings on lots of emotions with guilt, it seems, being the dominant feeling.  Thoughts such as “I should be working”, and “I’m not a serious enough artist”,  play havoc with the psyche. I think
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The Value of Seeing Art

As artists, many of us work in vacuums.  We paint our paintings,  almost oblivious to fact that art is being created everyday by thousands of artists.  This is a very provincial approach to creating art.  By working in isolation we miss the opportunity for stimulation.   Most importantly, we miss the chance for growth as
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“Working the Paint”

I just finished working on a new painting for about 3 hours.  I started out with no “roadmap”, just putting paint on the canvas.  This is probably the most difficult time in a painting’s “life”.  It’s the time when the artist has no idea where he is going, what direction the work is taking. The
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A Technique

I have found that when I get “stuck” in a cul de sac (to use a dear friend’s words), one technique to get you unstuck is time.  Step out of the work for a while (even an hour or two), leave it.  Sitting there, just looking at the canvas,  puts the “idea machine” in a loop
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The Creative Process

I sit here trying to figure out where to go from here with my painting.  I have no “roadmap” to follow, just my instincts.  Anyone who has created “art” from nothing will understand the difficulty an artist faces when he reaches this point.  Just questions, no answers.   I’ve found waiting works,  bring the painting
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