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Thinking Art

It’s Sunday morning.   I’m sitting down at my computer, thinking about my next painting.  The canvas is blank (and i mean blank).  I’m not a portrait painter, although I’ve done portraits of my children.  I’m not a landscape or seascape painter, although I’ve done these as well.  What I am is an abstractionist.  So,
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The Painting Process (“Wandering”)

I was just reading an explanation of the creative process by Phillip Guston.  I think it gives excellent insight into why artists will continually go back and rework paintings that look good to an outside observer.  Guston said, that as the artist, he did it because he hadn’t “experienced” enough with the work.   For myself,
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As I work on this new painting, I am continually amazed at the creative process.  It almost defies definition. How the artist gets from point A to point B when creating abstract art is truly fascinating.  The artist (me, in this case) starts by putting shapes and color on the canvas.  There is really no
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historical records

These are photographs of 4 paintings (more to follow) where I have taken photos of the work in progress.  The  finished piece is the bottom right photograph.  It’s such a wandering journey as the artist follows his muse.


The Mind of the Artist

"River of Dreams"

Aging (in my 70th year) has gifted me with an introspection that I did not have as a young, passionate artist. I’m more reflective and able to see a bigger perspective. Recently I’ve been thinking about my work and how it is mostly in series form (groups of a similar style).  I get an idea
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Divergent Beauty

"Breakthrough 1"

Exhibition at Arturo Samaniego Gallery, 2220 J & C Blvd, Naples, Fl,  beginning March 14, 2014 (opening night 6 to 9pm) running for 3 weeks. Two painters approach the aesthetic from two different directions, one abstract and one realistic.


The Artist Life

I’ve been thinking recently about this artist life.  The artist of today lives in a world that continually entices him with the false idols of celebrity and fame.  We all would like to have a career of a Picasso or Matisse.  I wish sometimes I could live it in a vacuum, without this artificial influence. 
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“Ballet DeuX” “The Love Machine”

Ballet X Benefit Show at Bridgette Mayer Gallery

Gulfshore Life magazine


“Realistic Non-Objective Painting”

  Sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it?  It’s sort of like saying “jumbo shrimp”.  However, I found myself painting this way a short while ago.  I had just finished painting a small abstract (12″ x 12″) that I called “Breakthrough”.  It was a very important piece to me because it was a total departure from
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Samaniego Art Exhibition 2012


photograph “the artist conflicted”