IMG_2286 IMG_0003blue cat 2bluecat1

As I work on this new painting, I am continually amazed at the creative process.  It almost defies definition. How the artist gets from point A to point B when creating abstract art is truly fascinating.  The artist (me, in this case) starts by putting shapes and color on the canvas.  There is really no planning at this stage, just an attempt to establish the beginning of a painting (just start putting paint on the canvas!).  All decisions, at this stage, as to colors and shapes and placement are directed by the artist’s inner muse.  Although, it is not really  a totally random process.  Much of it is honed from years of experience working with the elements of art and the principles of design.

I spend as much time sitting and looking at the work as I do painting it .  The question of  “what do I do now?” is everpresent.  Do I emphasize this shape, or this color?  Do I overpaint this area?  There is no road map here, no blueprint to follow.  This is why I spend so much time simply looking.  I continually try to see the painting with fresh eyes, it helps me immensely in making decisions.  In the illustrated piece above, a “blue cat” appeared (left middle of canvas) out of nowhere giving me this ambiguous form to “play with”.

So, the process continues until, as dekooning once said, “I paint myself out of the picture”.