Aging (in my 70th year) has gifted me with an introspection that I did not have as a young, passionate artist. I’m more reflective and able to see a bigger perspective. Recently I’ve been thinking about my work and how it is mostly in series form (groups of a similar style).  I get an idea for a painting by seeing another artist’s work, or by seeing forms in nature, or by playing around with shapes or colors in a sketchbook, and then develop the idea visually.  In my case, my ideas usually end up as a painting on canvas.
And here is where the series begins, from one idea another idea flows. And this continues until one of two things
happen, I exhaust my ideas or I get bored and lose my interest. But, while I’m in my “series”, this is all I think
about or want to do with my art. It consumes me. The ideas come fast and furiously, and I get incredibly motivated,
and excited about what I’m doing. A “series” may be 5 paintings or it may be 25 paintings, it all depends my Muse and where she leads me. I’ve learned over 50 years of working to trust her and follow her. And I’m sure many other artists encounter the same creative experiences.
Perhaps, in the bigger picture, “series” are just another name for “periods”. Picasso had his “blue period”, Matisse
had his “cutouts”. So, when I label my groups as “jumpsquares”, “erasures”, “breakthroughs”, maybe they are simply different periods that I have gone through. Currently, I call this new series I’m working on “Revisiting Rothko” (I did around 30 small “field” paintings in 1999-2000 after seeing the Rothko retrospective at MOMA
in 1998). So, I’ve already had my Rothko Period (sounds impressive).
Ah, the mind of the artist…………