I have a friend named Yanosh, who has worked in industry for the last 25 years.  For years and years he visited museums and has seen more valid, contemporary art than most of us.  Yanosh recently started painting.  He creates work through the manipulation of  paint on the canvas with a palette knife while experimenting with color, texture, value and line.  Yanosh will scrape paint off, reapply it, then move it around until he is satisfied with the result.  Each piece he produces is abstract.  He really has not exhibited yet, and people haven’t really seen much of his work.

There is another friend that I know named Angelina.  She graduated from college with a major in art.   Angelina paints these lovely realistic landscapes over and over and over, and she has been creating art for 25 plus years.  Her work has changed little in all the years that she has painted, although Angelina has perfected techniques to a high degree in her expression of the landscape.  Angelina exhibits quite a bit, continually sells pieces, and people really seem to enjoy her work.

My question to you, is, which one is the legitimate artist?