As artists, many of us work in vacuums.  We paint our paintings,  almost oblivious to fact that art is being created everyday by thousands of artists.  This is a very provincial approach to creating art.  By working in isolation we miss the opportunity for stimulation.   Most importantly, we miss the chance for growth as an artist.

I don’t care what your ability is or what you are doing right now in your work.   If you are growing as an artist , expanding your vision, exploring color, shape, or surfaces, this is at the heart of being a good artist.   If your moving in this direction, then you are truly developing your “talent”.  Seeing other artist’s work stimulates.  We like it, dislike it, compare it to what we’re doing, dismiss it, we get inspired by it, and sometimes it changes us.  Whatever happens, we get out of our vacuums.

So, I’d encourage you to look around for shows, exhibits that might interest you and go look at the art.  Go see any artist friends that you have, look at their work and have them look at yours.  Get and give some feedback.   Once again, it all comes back to personal growth.   This is the value of seeing art.