Have you noticed that at certain times, you have extreme difficulty starting something new?  It happens to every artist, including me.  This condition brings on lots of emotions with guilt, it seems, being the dominant feeling.  Thoughts such as “I should be working”, and “I’m not a serious enough artist”,  play havoc with the psyche.

I think these feelings arise in us because of our perceptions of what other, seemingly successful artists are doing, or have done.  We see glimpses of an artist’s work and incorrectly assume this artist is working nonstop at his or her craft.  The point is no one really knows what any other artist is really doing with their time.

The management of time is a factor in every area of our lives, and important to anyone’s success.  However, in any true, creative process, there are no “rules” for time management.  We may lie fallow for days, weeks and even months, until our muse moves us. When that happens,  time management is the least of our worries as we become totally consumed by our art.

The real challenge is getting our muse to move us on a continual basis.  The only way to do this is through stimulation.  If we’re sitting in the same room everyday, with the same people, doing the same thing, creativity seems a distant companion.  Your muse needs to get out and see what other artists are doing with their “time”.  She needs to see vibrant, valid work.  This is most surefire way to get your muse to nudge you into action.  Oh, the laments of the creative soul.

Advice is easy to give.  There is an old Nike slogan that simply says, “Just Do It”.