I can feel myself hitting a wall with my new series of work.  Since discovering my “Jumpsquares” in 2007, the last 2 years have been fruitful in producing original, creative work.  Fresh, new ideas have come easily.

The most recent offshoot of the “jumpsquare” has been my Optic Diamonds, which, in themselves, have led to valuable (in my mind) new discoveries.  In fact, I find myself putting aside painting while I concentrate on the montage process.  I’m taking original photographs, that I photoshop (another interesting “road”), intensifying colors and values, then cut up and arrange within my Optic Diamond structure.  This process has been very productive up to now.  The word that comes into my mind when I look at the recent work is “candy”.   I was channeling Willie Wonka.  But now,  perhaps the work is becoming a little too “sweet”.   I’m finding myself repeating images, and what was once discovery after discovery, is now the same familiar “landscape”.

I feel it’s time to look in a different direction, to stop repeating this process that I’ve become so comfortable with.  It’s time to take a risk, a risk that I will screw up and fail.  The idea is to get myself out of my comfort zone.  This is where discoveries are made, and leaps of growth are achieved.  It’s a difficult, but necessary process.

How does an artist do this?  Look at the body of work that you have created, and ask yourself  “what would the work look like if I did this or that to it”?   Then pick an idea and act on it without judgment.  At the very least, it will take you to another place and maybe that place will be the departure point for your next series.

The point is that in art, there are few definitive answers, just artist’s challenges.