How many times have you thought this to yourself.  It’s the phrase that every artist creating original, honest art thinks to themselves many, many times.  Doubt, fear, and uncertainty are all part of the artist’s palette.  So many times the emotion borders on despair.  The artist looks at an empty canvas, brushes in hand, saying to himself or herself,  where do I go from here?  The canvas answers back with an empty stare.

It’s times like these that are so challenging.  It takes a lot of belief in the self to get through these periods. You’ll find out what kind of artist (and person) you are.  And there really is no secret on surviving these insecure times.

The secret is to keep working and moving forward.  You just have to persist with your artistic vision.  I’ll say it once again, keep working and move forward.  Fail.  Do you think deKooning, Pollock and Rothko created a “masterpiece” everytime they picked up a brush and put marks on a canvas?  You’ll  get through those “I can”t paint” thoughts, and find that wonderful part of you that exists in your art.