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“Working the Paint”

I just finished working on a new painting for about 3 hours.  I started out with no “roadmap”, just putting paint on the canvas.  This is probably the most difficult time in a painting’s “life”.  It’s the time when the artist has no idea where he is going, what direction the work is taking. The
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A Technique

I have found that when I get “stuck” in a cul de sac (to use a dear friend’s words), one technique to get you unstuck is time.  Step out of the work for a while (even an hour or two), leave it.  Sitting there, just looking at the canvas,  puts the “idea machine” in a loop
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The Creative Process

I sit here trying to figure out where to go from here with my painting.  I have no “roadmap” to follow, just my instincts.  Anyone who has created “art” from nothing will understand the difficulty an artist faces when he reaches this point.  Just questions, no answers.   I’ve found waiting works,  bring the painting
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